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From days spent wandering the Riviera’s of continental Europe, to evenings admiring the grand yachts as they drifted by on a gentle summer’s evening breeze — there was always a dream-filled wanderlust in the life lived by Genaro.

Why was it certain parts of the world seemed to capture an effortless charm through the simplest of touches?

A linen shirt buttoned halfway up the chest, the loose-fitting trousers providing respite from the warmer summers months — every element to be admired for the understated chic that oozed with a sense of local flair.

Nothing overdone; just a charmingly casual grace.

Often, these are looks which are almost entirely impossible to replicate, unless you know exactly where to search. After all, where does one find a style that only seems to exist in the realms of a Venetian gondola in the forgotten backwaters of an Italian isle…?

When you travel the world, you bring together inspiration from unknown lands and blend it into unique looks that would be the envy of all those who see you.

From footwear one could just as happily wear when out-and-about as the sun beats down from the sky above, to idling by the harbor early-evening, sipping a cooling glass of wine. To the flourishes of an unbuttoned-shirt that would look formal in the wrong hands, but rounds off an outfit with a remarkably casual cool when matched with the right pair of summer shorts that flitter in the wind.

Few in the world know how to capture such a style as those on the continent.

So, when you can capture the same with free worldwide delivery, and come across as charmingly relaxed as those who seem to have found everything they could possibly desire in life — why would you look anywhere else?